How Do I Buy UrgiChart?

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UrgiChart delivers better, more comprehensive documentation in less time. Here’s what you can expect:


UrgiChart’s unique process delivers the fastest charting ability of any Urgent Care EHR. With ChartStarters™ and individualized chart macros, create more thorough documentation in less time – with less entry inaccuracies.



Realize improved charge capture accuracy with mapping to ICD-9 and ICD-10 diagnosis codes.

Ease of Use

UrgiChart’s user interface was designed with your needs in mind, achieving 100% physician adoption within 15 minutes.

With a workflow designed by physicians, UrgiChart provides an intuitive new charting experience for today’s clinical environment. Because it’s powered by Urgent Care’s fastest documentation process and integrated clinical decision support tools, UrgiChart puts accurate, actionable information into your hands more quickly. We streamline your documentation process for faster clinical decision-making, leaner operations, and healthier patients.

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