UrgiChart ChartStarters

Efficient Documentation – Intuitive

Document Efficiently, freeing up more time for patient interaction, streamlining clinical decision-making and operational improvement.

Efficient Documentation

  • ChartStarters provides fast and comprehensive electronic documentation with a logical intuitive flow aligned to show how a physician actually works.
  • ChartStarters displaces the old-school electronic chief complaint template, a solution designed and better suited for a world of paper charts. It unleashes the power of computing technology to deliver a new charting experience that allows for fast and complete charting with a logical flow designed by physicians.
  • ChartStarts maximizes speed of chart completion while avoiding inaccuracies with an individualized library of chart macros.
  • Accurately and efficiently capture charges with electronic charge capture
  • Accurately capture charges and seamless integration to ICD-9 and ICD-10 diagnosis codes


  • User Interface allows for 100% Physician adoption with 15 minutes of training
  • Procedure documentation templates providing coding guidance

“UrgiChart has accomplished the EHR trifecta: Efficiency, Patient Safety and Thoroughness.”

– John Shufeldt, MD, JD, MBA, FACEP Founder at Urgent Care Integrated Network

Comprehensive Documentation

Comprehensive Documentation

Comprehensive Documentation

Maximized Speed

Comprehensive Documentation

Capture Charges

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